Back to School – What did your case look like when you opened it?

If you had ordered our Gold Care Service, this is what your uniform would have looked like when you opened it as you arrived at school – all clean, pristine and name taped!

Our Gold Care customers arrived at school to find their uniform waiting for them, having been looked after by us over the summer. When we picked up our customers cases at the end of the summer term, we noted everything received. Parents then received a report, which set out exactly what was in the case or crate and compared it to the School uniform list – so that they were able to see what else was needed and what had gone missing! The Uniform was then washed, cleaned. mended and name taped as appropriate. In addition parents can then order new items that can be delivered straight to us. We can name tape them and ensure everything is delivered back to school together.

And of course – if you had it delivered back in one of our crates, rather than a suitcase, you need 80% less storage space, as our robust sturdy crates collapse flat, unlike many suitcases!

Imagine – last minute name taping nightmares could become a thing of the past!

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