Completion of first successful year of service to Roedean School


School Trunk is delighted to announce the completion of its first successful year of service to Roedean School, as part of its contract to provide all Roedean students with a comprehensive holiday storage and uniform care solution to match the school’s excellent boarding facilities.

School Trunk clears Roedean’s boarding houses on the first working day after the end of each term and returns all items to the girls’ new rooms immediately before the girls arrive back after their holiday breaks.

Working closely with House staff, School Trunk supplies the girls with School Trunk crates so that they are able to pack their items away in a robust and secure rigid plastic storage container. These stackable crates give students a very practical holiday storage option as they collapse flat when empty. Girls can now simply store their crates in their rooms or inside a single suitcase, thereby reducing the school’s term-time storage needs.

As part of the contract, School Trunk also offers Roedean’s students the option of an additional ‘Gold Care’ package – a unique, uniform care service. For students who request Gold Care, School Trunk will label, clean and mend school uniforms before returning them in pristine condition, ready for the start of the next term. An itemised checklist sent to parents gives them an up-to-date summary of their daughter’s school uniform and compares this with the school’s uniform list, enabling any shortfall to be remedied ahead of the new term.

‘Our newly-refurbished Houses set the standard for boarding in the 21st century, and School Trunk complements this with a high-quality, tailor-made solution for storing girls’ belongings,’ explained Graeme Rainey, Assistant Head for Holistic Care. ‘To find each girl’s items stacked neatly in her room at the start of each term used to be the stuff of dreams for girls and House staff alike. With School Trunk this has become not just a reality, but the norm.’

Roedean Corridor

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