School Trunk’s Packing Tips

We know that packing can be very overwhelming for both the students and the house parents/matrons. Here is a list of packing tips to help at the end of term rush:

1. Start a packing list
Write down a list of all the items you want to pack for storage and a separate one for the items you want to take home.

2. Spread the weight
Don’t put all your books into one crate and then all your soft toys in another, make sure to spread the weight across the crates (it helps our
team to lift your items too)!

3. Wrap breakable items in clothes
Use your clothes to wrap you fragile items to stop them from being broken.

4. Use all the space you can
If you are packing shoes, place small items inside so you can save space.

5. Roll your clothes if you need more room
If you are needing a little bit more space, we have found rolling up your clothes gives you more room.

6. Pack your cables neatly
Use washi tape and cardboard to pack up your wires/cables neatly. You will be able to wrap the cable round the cardboard and secure with
washi tape, which you can also write on!

7. Secure your jewellery
Use egg cartons to secure your necklaces and stop them getting tangled. You can also store your rings and earrings too!

8. Ensure liquids are secure
Use cling film or sandwich bags to put over the opened end of bottle and secure the lid on top. This will stop your items being spilled.

9. Don’t pack food/drink items
Although it may seem like a good idea, don’t pack any perishable food. We can’t imagine how mouldy the item will be by the time you get your crate back.

10. Put items you will need straight away at the top
This means when you have your carets back, you can open them up and things you need the most are ready and waiting for you.

We hope these tips have helped you. Let us know if there is anything else you would add?
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