Referrals & recommendations: Share your love for School Trunk

We signed up a new school recently and, when we asked where they found out about us, the answer was: “One of our new matrons used the service at a past school she worked at.”┬áThe truth is, until you have used a service, you just don’t know how good it is. There can be advertising and conversations but personal referrals are so important. Matrons and Housemaster/mistresses have such a tough job and we really love to be able to assist them in anyway that we can. So, when they are recommending us, we are doing something right.

It is also great when a parent or student recommends us. Some students have used us at multiple schools and then even “graduated” to our UniWiz service when off to University. If a parent has children at multiple schools, it is also lovely when they mention us to a new school.

Referrals and personal recommendations are just so important. So, if you love what we do, don’t keep it to yourself…

Please also get in touch if you would be happy to share a testimonial.

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