End of another successful re-delivery period as school term begins

I am not sure that all parents will be feeling the same, but the School Trunk team have felt the summer has flown by. A new school term begins. What feels like days ago, we were collecting red crates from schools all around the UK. Now, we have just completed our final school re-delivery and the warehouse is looking incredibly lacking in red crates.

It has been a busy one. Some of our regular schools increased their orders and we had some new schools to add into the schedule. We also had a new venture with moving school equipment, rather than students personal belongings, to assist with redecoration plans.

We will now spend the next few weeks analyzing how things went and looking how to make improvements. All our team leaders complete feedback from each delivery so that we can see how to make things better each time. We had a couple of new team leaders in action this holiday, who really stepped up. They did a great job on their ‘maiden voyage’.

team leader and porter smiling during re-delivery before school term begins

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