Storing more than just Student’s belongings

School Trunk now helps schools store multiple items not just student’s belongings.

We have dressing up outfits from Harrow Summer School and duvets from Rugby’s Easter & Summer camps in our secure safe storage.

So do you run a holiday club that requires specialist equipment and have nowhere to store during term time? Or perhaps you have camps that come in and you need duvets stored?
While for many people at schools, the end of term is time to put feet up, for commercial teams it can be logistical mayhem, as the students clear and more holiday students come in! From duvets to board games, we can collect store and redeliver your belongings to ensure your holiday students also have all the equipment they need and it is kept separate from your term time equipment. We can deliver at a time appropriate for your team, so that you have the space to get organised for your busy holidays!

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