Not such a busy weekend

At School Trunk it would have been a very busy weekend for us, as we should have been returning thousands of belongings to students rooms, ahead of boarding schools returning this week. However, these times are different as we all know – and how long and what life will be like afterwards is still unknown and difficult to predict.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that School Trunk is still supporting all the schools we work with. We are able to provide sturdy crates into which belongings can be packed, or boxes allowing us to ship belongings to a different destination. We will be helping clear schools to enable deep cleans and helping with the challenge of reuniting students with their belongings as many left quickly and now may not be returning. We already have in storage many students’ belongings. Many of them are unsure of when and to where they will be returning but we are ready and able to deliver them anywhere in the world as and when they need them.

So as you start planning your path ahead – remember we can help! Please call Chelsea or Dorothy on 020 32862805 and in the meantime stay safe and stay home.

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