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I have a plan..

After a half century of creating betting systems (plus a few other things in between), I think it’s time to write my thoughts on how it’s going so far.

I’m Ian Sherrington, older but not necessarily wiser. I’m getting my head out of programming and having a stab at writing articles once again.

If you kinda know me then I might have mentioned to you that I created the very first online sportsbook for Intertops way back in 1996 and was there when the industry just started and it all happened. I’ve had the pleasure (mostly..) of having met many of the industry founders and each of them also have fascinating stories to tell.

So I’m thinking I’m in a unique position to write a series of articles about the online gambling industry, how it started, who were the guys that were behind each technical advance that propelled the fledgling industry to the massively successful industry it is today.

There’s plenty of material for at least 40 articles and ultimately a fairly hefty book or two.

I’m fascinated and excited to have started work on this idea. I hope you like the idea too!

Better get on with it then!


To summarize:

The online gambling industry is a highly complex network of interrelated organizations that depend on each other to provide a trustworthy service to the customers. We’re talking really complex. Payments, Cloud, Age Verification, Game Aggregators, Geo Fencing, Affiliates, Data Providers, Conference Organizers, Publications, Legal, Certification, Compliance, Jurisdictions and the list goes on.

Documenting how the industry grew from humble beginnings, tying together the innovations which led to the mighty industry is today will be a great adventure and will no doubt reveal many of the industry characters and hidden secrets.

Previously published articles

How to Win at Online Gambling

Edited by Mark Balestra

Published in 2006 and edited by Mark Balestra, the How to Win at Online Gambling book was a comprehensive guide to online gambling at that time. I wrote the section on how to win at online Mahjong – I was running Mahjong Mania in Montreal at that time.

AIBC Magazine Article, Nov 2022

For the last ten years or so, blockchain technology has evolved, achieved familiarity, fairly common adoption, and spawned new products and possibilities. For us, the most important feature of a blockchain is the public accessibility, writes Ian Sherrington, head of blockchain at Ink Innovation.