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The Online Gambling Industry

A series of 40+ articles detailing the rise of  a 75 billion dollar industry.

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Web3.. No website.. No database.. All public resources This example pure blockchain slot still consists of the two fundamental components, the front end and the back end. In this case the front end HTML, Javascript and images are being served by a distributed file system call IPFS and the back end (that is the slot…

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Mahjong Article

From the book How to Win at Online Gambling. Edited by Mark Balestra MAHJONG! By Ian Sherrington The fascinating game of Mahjong has roots in Asia and has become one of the most widely played games throughout the world. Played by beginners and masters alike, it is based on an easily understood proposition (similar to…

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Intertops 1998 Website is still alive!

While investigating the Internet archive, I found this amazing site that by using some clever emulation, the 1998 version of the Intertops website is still available and you can still interact with it! From Jan 17th 1996, Intertops – now Everygame – has run a good service. Initially running with my software, Everygame continues to…

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