How big are our storage crates?

We asked the lovely Andy in our office to pose with a couple of our crates (oh, and a ream of A4 paper – Andy’s idea!) to give you some idea of their size. They’re roomy, they’re collapsible, they stack (when collapsed and when packed!) and, most importantly, you can use them again and again and again and…ok, you get the picture, they’re indestructible!

And then we stacked our office filing system into one of School Trunk’s large crates – 10 lever arch files later, we still had room for more and a text book or two and at least 6 t-shirts on top! Not bad?

And we think you’ll agree that at just £18 for a small crate and £30 for a large crate, they’re an excellent lifetime investment! Order online now or call us for further information – 020 7819 2399.

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