New office space for School Trunk taking shape

It is a really exciting time at the School Trunk office as our new space starts to take shape. We are seeing the beautiful shiny new building really coming together. Nearly ready for the invasion of our School Trunk red crates.

Shiny new empty office space
All shiny and new

There have been lots of debates and discussions in the office about the layout. Designing the building to best suit the School Trunk needs. The new premises are a complete blank space meaning we can design a concept that is efficient, functional and easy to work in. Our current space has worked well for the last few years, however, the space now needs to keep up with the developments of the business. There have been a few navigational issues in our current space: a narrow doorway or two and a steep stairway; both will be a thing of the past soon, which is great for the School Trunk team. The business is expanding as we take on more schools, take on more orders from existing schools, see more individual orders as well as the expansion into the University market with our UniWiz service.

Our summer collections are already starting with some International Baccalaureate (IB) courses finishing in May and will continue until mid July so we will be having a steady stream of crates and suitcases heading this way, some of which will go directly into the new space.

The team here are looking forward to gradually moving across to our new premises and we should be totally moved across by 1st August. This should not effect our service in any way and the new space is still within the Sheeplands Farm complex so our phone numbers will remain the same and our address will only be slightly different.

Now the battle commences over who gets which desk…

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