Let battle commence – School Trunk collection starting

Some students have hit the jackpot with exam scheduling. Already finished and ready for summer. This means that the School Trunk Team are kitted out and starting the summer collection. Today, the team are at St Clare’s in Oxford.

St Clare’s, Oxford

St. Clare’s grew out of a scheme to establish links between British and European students after WW2. The original name was The Oxford English Centre for Foreign Students but the school quickly grew to welcome a wide range of nationalities and provide a variety of programmes. Nowadays, there are 50 nationalities represented on the International Baccalaureate programme alone.

International students find the School Trunk service particularly helpful. Taking belongings home is logistically complicated and financially unpleasant. But, like the school itself, School Trunk has grown to help a variety of students and save a lot of hassle for parents generally.


It is midway through the first collection day and the School Trunk team have reported that the collection is running super smoothly. With St Clare’s location in central Oxford and 16 individual houses to collect from, it is not always a straight forward process but spirits seem to be remaining high.

team leader on a dolley during collection
Team leader, Charlie, utilising the transport options between houses at collection.

The School Trunk team work at a huge variety of schools. They all have their individual personalities, layouts and logistics to consider. Our team leaders are all highly experienced and trained to oversee the whole process. They are also “armed” with, what we call “Green Books”. Military style books containing all the information about the school, key contacts, maps of house layouts and everything they could possibly need on the day. Of course, the office team are always on hand for an queries on the day too.

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