Using your village – it’s not too late to add Gold Care

As parents, we all try and do the best for our children and it is hard! I think the phrase “It takes a village” is so very relevant. We need to accept help when it is available.

At School Trunk, we aim to make things easier for parents. We try to be part of your village! Sometimes taking just one job off your hands can be a huge relief. That is why we collect, store and redeliver school items to save the hassle for parents.

The additional service we offer is Gold Care. We go one step further and unpack, clean, mend, name tag, repack and send parents a full report. If you are reading this and thinking, why did I not know about this, do not fear. You can still add this service to your order.

Gold Care stickers for boxes
Gold Care stickers

We have started our summer collections but if your daughter/son’s belongings have not yet been collected then you can still add the Gold Care option. Basically, up until it goes into storage we can add it on.

It is not lazy, it is using your village.

Get in touch with the office to find out more or to add to your order.

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