Day School – A new direction for School Trunk

School Trunk took a step into something a bit different last week: a day school. Our standard offering is for boarding schools who need students belongings removed during holiday periods. However, we were excited when approached with a new challenge from South Hampstead High School. A prestigious, independent day school in Hampstead, North West London. As one of the UK’s most successful schools, South Hampstead High School welcomes girls aged 4 to 18 from across London. They pride themselves on enabling students not just to succeed, but to thrive – intellectually and personally. In order to do this, the school needs to be kept in excellent condition.

Schools are constantly refurbishing their buildings in order to ensure high standards are maintained. Not only for students but also for the new drive in utilizing school facilities for alternative uses and external hires. The trickiest part can be ensuring that these buildings are not only cleared but also put back just as they were. A member of staff at SHHS had been involved in the School Trunk service at a previous school. Therefore, felt comfortable/confident to get in touch to see if we could assist.

two of the school trunk team moving day school equipment
The School Trunk team moving items to an onsite storage facility to allow for refurbishment

We were brought in to move classrooms and offices to an onsite storage location in order to allow access to the rooms for refurbishment to take place. Teachers and staff packed their items into our red crates and we used our unique labeling system to ensure we knew where all items were going as well as labeling furniture so that it all went back in the correct room/corridor. Using our logistical knowledge and expert team we made sure the move was completed with minimal fuss and impact on the staff and maintenance team on site.

Red crates and labeling system being used
School Trunk’s red crates and labeling system being used to assist with the school move.

Do get in touch if you think School Trunk may be able to assist with your school requirements. If you hire out your school facilities, do take a look at our sister company, Beautiful Schools.

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