Peak collection time is upon us; so many boxes!

We are definitely now in full swing at School Trunk. This week, we have had the most teams we have ever had out on one day, as well as the biggest team we have ever had. In addition, last week was our busiest week of the year, possibly our busiest week ever.

Each school presents a unique set of challenges whether that is an awkward set of stairs, last minute orders or just pure volume of crates. Our teams are experienced and ready though for pretty much every eventuality though.

Large team of school trunk people in red ready for the collection Cheltenham
Our team heading to Cheltenham Ladies College

What’s been happening?

Cheltenham Ladies College was cleared on Monday and Tuesday. With a staggering 1,800 items, it was a serious removal event supported by the amazing team at Advanced Removals.  A team was also at Headington on Monday, supported by Charleswood and Sons. Plus there was a smaller collection at the beautiful Oxford based Summerfields.

The teams worked well despite the high temperatures but generally appreciate the 3pm boast with an ice cream or two. Plus the teams out on Tuesday seemed particularly keen to power through, nothing to do with getting back for the 7pm kick off of the England match. There was some impressive singing of “It’s Coming Home” in the minibus on the way back but the team shouldn’t be looking to give up their day jobs just yet. (Take a look at the School Trunk Instagram feed for more of the teams adventures.)

Two more schools to do and then summer collection is complete.


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